Dimensions: 40x30x30
Price: 1,80€ (IVA included)
Cardboard box (double) for books and heavy things

Dimensions: 50x40x35
Price: 2,30€ (IVA included)
Cardboard box for easy things

Dimensions: 90x60x50
Price: 9,00€ (IVA included)
Dimensions: 140x50x40
Price: 10,00€ (IVA included)
Cartons for clothes hangers

Plastic tape bubble
wrap to protect fragile objects. It is made of polyethylene air bubble cushioning blows. This material is known as the "pluribol".

manual or automatic winding shelves for.
for closing boxes for various applications such as: masking, electricity, etc. setting boxes on shelves.
Plastic tape
to seal cardboard boxes or other contenitoare. It is available in various Dimensions (thickness and width as well) to use manual and automatic semi-automatic.

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